PitchBreakfast Asheville

PitchBreakfast Asheville

Asheville, NC

Knowledge & Skills / Connections

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The Concept

Providing area startups a chance to practice their most crucial pitch in a challenging but supportive environment.

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Who's it for?

Local founders/ entrepreneurs/ startups seeking expert feedback on one of their most valuable assets- their pitch- in order to get investor-ready.

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What problem does it solve?

Your best opportunities can come when you least expect it; it's important that you're ready with your pitch! However, finding a great atmosphere where you can share your pitch with great feedback and connect without fear can be challenging.

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How does it help?

PitchBreakfast is a catalyst within the entrepreneurial community, a safe place where entrepreneurs go to connect, learn, and grow. We provide you a chance to practice your pitch in a challenging but supportive environment.

Program Overview

At each event, 3-4 startups pitch their companies to our panelists and the audience. Our standard format includes a 5-minute pitch with slides followed by 10 minutes of feedback from our expert panel and Q+A with the audience. Breakfast and coffee are provided courtesy of our sponsors.

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PitchBreakfast Asheville

Wed Jan 30| No-cost | Knowledge & Skills

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