The Basics of Customer Discovery

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand customer discovery
  • Create a brief, clear description of your venture
  • Get to know your potential customers, their needs, and the market
  • Accurately identify the problem you’re trying to solve
  • Gain and test insights about your customers
  • Connect your product or idea to customers
  • Select the right interviewees
  • Develop hypotheses to test during your interviews
  • Discover interview themes and enhance your business
  • Gain industry connections
  • Generate a strong customer base

Topics for this course

5 Lessons

The Basics of Customer Discovery

Mindset Check
Lesson 1: Describing Your Venture By Creating The Perfect Elevator Pitch3:42
Lesson 2: Selecting Your Interviewees4:51
Lesson 3: Conducting Constructive Interviews4:23
Mindset Revisited

Material Includes

  • Exercise: Describing Your Venture
  • Exercise: Selecting Your Interviewees
  • Exercise: Building Your Hypothesis
  • Exercise: Confirming Your Hypothesis
  • Exercise: Conducting Your Live Interview
  • Worksheet: Describing Your (Evolved) Venture
  • Interview Guide


  • Quiet place, focus, a tasty beverage, maybe some snacks
  • Ability to take notes
  • 15-20 minutes (without pausing), 60-90 minutes (to complete exercises)
  • A can-do attitude