Sales 101: Basic Sales Training For Beginners

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand the fundamentals of sales
  • Comprehend why you need to learn how to sell
  • Define your “ideal customer” & what makes them tick
  • Effectively answer the “4 Foundational Sales” questions
  • Leverage those answers to win, keep, and grow the right kinds of customers
  • Familiarize yourself with the concepts of defining target markets
  • Test your product assumptions
  • Figure out where to find your ideal customer & how to reach them
  • Track ACCs: Attempts, Connects, & Conversions
  • Address your customers’ big problems & how to solve them
  • Gain insight into how and where customers buy products like yours
  • Convince your customers that your solution is the best solution

Topics for this course

8 Lessons

Sales 101: Basic Sales Training For Beginners

Mindset Check
Lesson 1: Introduction2:54
Lesson 2: Who Is Your Ideal Customer?3:29
Lesson 3: What Are Your Ideal Customers’ Big Problems?5:26
Lesson 4: How Will You Reach Your Ideal Customers?5:55
Lesson 5: What Will You Say To Convince Your Ideal Customers?5:58
Lesson 6: Wrap-Up1:16
Mindset Revisited

Material Includes

  • Exercise: The “4 Foundational Sales Questions”
  • Exercise: List Of Potential Customers
  • Exercise: Connecting With Potential Customers
  • Exercise: Scheduling Potential Customer Chats
  • Exercise: Interviewing Potential Customers
  • List Of Recommended Interview Questions
  • Exercise: Defining Target Markets
  • Exercise: The Big Problem Stress Test
  • Exercise: How To Reach Your Ideal Customers
  • Exercise: The “Reminds Me Of” Approach
  • Exercise: Social Proof & Proof Of Value


  • Quiet place, focus, a tasty beverage, maybe some snacks
  • Ability to take notes
  • 25-30 minutes (without pausing), 60-90 minutes (to complete exercises)
  • A can-do attitude