010 Bringing Manufacturing and Businesses Together Through Entrepreneurial Training with Dan St. Louis Executive Director of Manufacturing Solutions Center

Show Notes

Dan joins me today to discuss the learning programs and support offered by the Manufacturing Solutions Center. He shares the details of the Entrepreneurs Program and highlights their Business Incubation Program. He shares how the Entrepreneurs Programs helps new entrepreneurs start and grow their manufacturing businesses and the types of entrepreneurs that can benefit the most from their Business Incubation Program. I also spoke with Abbie to learn what inspired her to pivot her career from the journalism industry to founding Sockabu and how the Manufacturing Solutions Center helped her bring her company and products to the market.

Our mission is to create and maintain jobs here in the US. It’s really simple, and everything we do is based on that statement.

Dan St. Louis

This week on the Supportedly Podcast:

  • Dan’s journey to working with the Manufacturing Solutions Center.
  • The setup of MSC, its testing capabilities, and the people that work there.
  • How the Entrepreneurs Program gets people ready to work with manufacturers through software training, industrial training, product development, and supply chain management.
  • How funding from the Economic Development Administration helped MSC to set up the Business Incubation Program.
  • The types of companies and entrepreneurs that benefit the most from the Business Incubation Program.
  • How the Business Incubation Program works with MSC to provide entrepreneurs with the support, resources, and guidance they need to be successful in the manufacturing industry.
  • What drives Dan to continue to find opportunities and ways to create new jobs.
  • Abbie’s inspiration and journey from journalism to founding Sockabu.
  • What the Sockabu sock is.
  • The manufacturing challenges she faced during the early stages of her business.
  • How MSC gave Abbie the unique opportunity to talk directly with the people in the factory to bring her product to the market.
  • Abbie’s perspective on what it’s like to work with the Manufacturing Solutions Center.
  • Dan’s advice to new entrepreneurs.

Working with MSC has been a dream for me because they go out of their way to help you in any way that they can.

Abbie Boudreau

The Programs available at the Manufacturing Solutions Center:

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Host: Stephanie Kissel

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Dan St. Louis

Dan St. Louis is the Executive Director of Manufacturing Solutions Center at Catawba Valley Community College, a non-profit organization that helps entrepreneurs and young businesses develop their products, build their knowledge and skills, and grow through entrepreneurial programs, mentoring, workspace and tools. He has a bachelor’s degree in Textile Technology from NC State University and he has previously worked in manufacturing at Collins and Aikman Incorporated and Springs Industries

Abbie Boudreau

Abbie Boudreau is the Creator and CEO of Sockabu, a business that produces socks for children that allows them to cover their toes for warmth or uncover them for extra traction. The Sockabu sock is produced and sold in the US. Abbie is a three-time National Emmy Award-winning journalist with CNN as well as ABC’s Good Morning America and Nightline.