023 Building Relationships & Improving Customer Experiences Through Inbound Marketing with Drew Price of Grammarly

Show Notes

Drew joins me today to share how businesses and startups can utilize email as part of an inbound marketing strategy. He shares strategies for building effective email campaigns and explains the importance of aligning your business goals with the customer experience in your email messages. He also explains how email marketing helps you build relationships with your customers and shares why inbound marketing ‘best practices’ may not be suitable for every business.

Email is one of the best if not the best channel for cultivating a direct relationship with your customers.

Drew Price
  • How Drew got started email marketing.
  • Why businesses and startups should focus on email to build long term relationships.
  • How Home Depot, IGN Entertainment, and Grammarly effectively utilize email marketing.
  • How to evaluate a marketing channel and decide how much to invest in it.
  • How to develop an empathetic, customer-focused arsenal of emails.
  • How Grammarly uses its email channel for marketing Grammarly Insights and adding value for the user.
  • The myths around ‘gold standards’ and “best practices” regarding building an email campaign.
  • Frequency capping and how often you should send out different types of email.
  • How businesses can hurt their relationships by sending out non-customer focused emails.

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Host: Stephanie Kissel

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Drew Price

Drew Price is the Head of Life-cycle Marketing at Grammarly, an AI-based writing program that helps users create clear, bold, and mistake-free writing. He is the Founder of 10 Billion Emails, a collection of field notes, philosophies, principals, and hard-learned lessons that will help business startups and growth experts build more thoughtful email programs. He has extensive experience in building email systems, messaging, and project management for numerous B2C marketing campaigns.