033 Creative Entrepreneurship: How to Xpand Your Brand to New Heights with Johanna Hagarty

Show Notes

Johanna joins me today to share the impact creatives make from a global perspective. She shares how her career started and what inspired her to start her own company. She explains how some professions, like accountants, can be considered creative and how an artist can transition to becoming a creative entrepreneur. She also shares her advice on pricing your products and services and some of the most common mistakes she sees new creative entrepreneurs make.

Artists are some of the most creative, innovative problem-solvers that this entire world has ever seen.

Johanna Hagarty

This week on the Supportedly Podcast:

  • Johanna Hagarty’s career journey and her creative projects.
  • Why she decided to start Xpand brand and what it sets to do.
  • Her definition of a creative entrepreneur and professions that are actually creative.
  • Transitioning from artists to entrepreneur.
  • Calculating the cost of your talents and when to saying no to clients.
  • Her advice to creatives regarding marketing their talents and starting out.
  • Common mistakes she often sees creative entrepreneurs make.
  • The impact that creative entrepreneurs make on global innovations.
  • Why she feels it’s critical to support creative entrepreneurs.

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Host: Stephanie Kissel

I utilize my background and expertise in project leadership to find creative operational solutions every day. I’m passionate about great ideas and inspired by the entrepreneurs who bring them to life (ever seen someone cry happy tears over your prototype?). I'm fortunate to work with people who share my passions and inspire me every day. Together, we're working non-stop to create cool things that empower entrepreneurs and business owners, like Supportedly.com, the place to find entrepreneurial support programs, events, and actionable content like The Supportedly Podcast. To all the providers and entrepreneurs they support, thanks for letting me tell your stories, and if you’re reading this, I hope we’ve helped make your entrepreneurial journey just a little be easier and maybe even more exciting!

Johanna Hagarty

Johanna Hagarty is the Founder and Executive Director at Xpand brand. Xpand brand is a company that supports creatives in their pursuit of a successful career as business owners through education, partnerships, and events such as Xpand Fest and the Work of Art Symposium workshops. Johanna holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Services and has experience in program management, events coordination, and social media marketing. She believes many of the recent innovative solutions to large-scale problems were brought to life by creatives.