018 How Bunker Labs Helps Veterans Make Connections and Launch Their Startups with Atlantic Region Executive Director Dean Bundschu

Show Notes

Dean joins me today to share why he wanted to help veterans create and develop businesses. He reveals the programs that are run by Bunker Labs and how veteran entrepreneurs can find inspiration, connections, and training through the Bunker Labs events and programs. I also spoke with Jessica to learn more about her business and how Bunker Labs have played a crucial role in the success of her company.

The intent is for Bunker Labs to transform North Carolina into the hub of veteran entrepreneurship.

Dean Bundschu

This week on the Supportedly Podcast:

  • Dean’s military career, post-army veteran mentorship, and his path to Bunker Labs.
  • How Bunker Labs is helping veterans and their spouses start and grow their business.
  • Why the number of veteran entrepreneurs has dropped significantly since WW2.
  • How the Bunker Brews events connect entrepreneurs with a workshop panel, keynote speaker, and networking.
  • The four steps in the Launch Lab Online Program that help veteran entrepreneurs jumpstart their business.
  • Bunker Labs’s partnership with the coworking organization WeWork.
  • How the Veteran in Residence 6-month incubator program helps veteran entrepreneurs build a business.
  • How CEOcircle serves the needs of established businesses that are already successful.
  • How military veterans can get involved with the programs at Bunker Labs.
  • Jessica’s journey to creating K9 Salute after transitioning out of the army.
  • How K9 Salute shares tributes to fallen service dogs through dog treat products.
  • Why K9 Salutes donates 10% of its profits to a canine or veteran organization.
  • Jessica’s experience of the programs offered at Bunker Labs.
  • The advice that Jessica would give to someone starting on the business-creation journey.

You cannot complete your journey in business alone. Bunker Brews events offer that space where you can meet like-minded people that can help you.

Jessica Harris

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Dean Bundschu

Dean Bundschu is the Atlantic Region Executive Director for Bunker Labs, a company that inspires, equips, and connects veteran entrepreneurs with other entrepreneurs and mentors. Dean is an army veteran who has helped several high-growth business startups. He is the Founder of PrepChamps, a company that has been recognized as North Carolina’s 2007 Fast Trac Tech Company of the Year. Dean is a distinguished military veteran and has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Ohio Northern University.

Jessica Harris

Jessica Harris is the Founder of K9 Salute, a company that creates all-natural dog treats in honor of fallen service dogs. A retired army veteran, Jessica has developed her entrepreneurial skills and matured a business that gives back to working dogs across the country. She has been featured in the Pet Food Industry magazine, and during 2018 she was named an American Small Business Champion by Sam’s Club and SCORE.