024 Inbound Marketing: KPIs & Metrics Overview with Drew Price of Grammarly

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Drew rejoins me to share how startups and entrepreneurs can start measuring the success of their email campaigns. He explains the KPIs and metrics that marketers should use when evaluating their inbound marketing campaigns and stresses the importance of understanding the difference between click-through rates and click-through on open rates. He reveals common mistakes that businesses make when evaluating their email marketing metrics and how entrepreneurs can leverage automation with their marketing strategy. He also shares why it’s important to have a consistent theme throughout the different elements of an email campaign and how segmentation and personalization can bring greater success.

If you’re only evaluating things based on engagement metrics, such as opens, clicks, and unsubscribes, you’re really missing the heart of why we send emails in the first place – which is to support your business.

Drew Price

This week on the Supportedly Podcast:

  • The true value of email open rates and clickthrough rates for entrepreneurs and marketers.
  • The KPIs you should start measuring for your email marketing campaigns.
  • The difference between click-through on open rates and regular click-through rates and why one is more useful than the other.
  • Examples of KPIs that can be monitored including ultimate conversion rates and AB tests.
  • Platforms that are recommended to gain statistical significance for solopreneurs and small teams.
  • The role of email design and how to be effective – even with a low-design strategy.
  • The common mistakes that startups often make and how to leverage automation.
  • The importance of having an authentic and consistent subject line, pre-header, and message.
  • Segmenting email lists and personalizing campaigns for different demographics.

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Host: Stephanie Kissel

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Drew Price

Drew Price is the Creator of 10 Billion Emails and the Head of Life-cycle Marketing at Grammarly. He is an expert within the field of email marketing and has helped companies such as The Home Depot and IGN Entertainment create the direction of their B2C email programs. He has a passion for assisting companies in avoiding email marketing mistakes and finding success through effective design, message, and analytics. Drew has a BA in Advertising from The University of Georgia and ran the university’s Red & Black newspaper and radio station.