000 Bonus – Inspiring, Hilarious, and Informative Highlights with Real Entrepreneurs

Show Notes

On the Supportedly podcast, I always need to cut material from interviews that I wish I could include in the podcast. This material is often packed with valuable insight, tips, and funny stories from inspiring entrepreneurs – like you – but needed to be cut for time.

On this bonus episode, I want to share some of the highlights of the previous discussions I had with some of the inspiring entrepreneurs I have featured on the show, such as No Evil Foods Co-Founder Sadrah Schadal, Patchd Medical CEO Robert Quinn, Foothills Digest Editor-In-Chief Carmen Eckard, and Toybrary of Asheville’s Chief Play Officer Susan Dobroski. Some of these conversations were funny, some were informative – but all were inspiring and well-worth sharing. I am happy for you to hear this episode and know you’ll enjoy listening to it as much as I did putting it together!

This week on the Supportedly Podcast:

  • What led Sadrah Schadel to start No Evil Foods.
  • The best entrepreneurial mistake Sadrah has made.
  • Robert Quinn’s background and what led him to create Patchd Medical.
  • Robert’s advice for new entrepreneurs just starting out.
  • How driving for Uber helped Robert master the art of the 60-second pitch.
  • What led Carmen Eckard to create Foothills Digest.
  • Carmen’s one piece of advice for new entrepreneurs.
  • What inspired Susan Dobroski to create the Toybrary of Asheville.
  • What the Asheville community can do to help Toybrary grow and reach the next level of success.
  • What is the Toybox Fund and how it helps Toybrary offer free programs throughout the Asheville community?

Inspiring Advice for New Entrepreneurs

Cherish those early days when things are kind of cool and casual. It’s going to get a lot more crazy – so hold on!

Sadrah Schadel, No Evil Foods Co-founder

Make sure everyone is vesting – even if you’re best friends.

Robert Quinn, Patchd Medical CEO

Write more stuff down. The most important thing is to keep really good records.

Carmen Eckard, Foothills Digest Editor-In-Chief

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Connect with Sadrah Schadel, Robert Quinn, Carmen Eckard, and Susan Dobroski:

Disclaimer: During his 60-second pitch for Patchd Medical, Robert stated “you can entirely prevent sepsis.” Sepsis is a potentially fatal condition caused by the body’s response to an infection. Robert recently requested we clarify his pitch statement, explaining that he meant to state “in theory, one should be able to entirely prevent sepsis.”

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Host: Stephanie Kissel

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