034 Launching Larger Than Life Biotech Companies into the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem with Joan Siefert Rose

Show Notes

Joan joins me today to share how LaunchBio is helping life science and biotech companies through coworking spaces, wet labs, and support programs. She shares the networking opportunities within and outside of the region and how LaunchBio is bringing strategic partners together. I also spoke with Pepper to learn more about how LaunchBio and BioLabs and has helped Praetego make new connections, find new providers, and become more aware of the resources open to entrepreneurs.

The hope is that there will be a lot of good science that is turning into really advanced technology much more quickly at a much more effective capital price.

Joan Siefert Rose

This week on the Supportedly Podcast:

  • The coworking spaces provided by LaunchBio.
  • How the Larger Than Life Science program provides monthly opportunities for networking.
  • The opportunities to connect with experts in different regions.
  • How the coworking space is set up, including access to wet labs.
  • How the S.T.E.M Career Workshops prepares high school and college students for a career in science and entrepreneurship.
  • How the Invest In Cures program brings strategic partners together.
  • LaunchBio’s partnership with BioLabs.
  • The mission, challenges and therapies that are being developed by Praetego.
  • How the coworking lab environment has helped Praetego.
  • Pepper’s advice for new science-based entrepreneurs.
  • Joan’s advice for science-based entrepreneurs that are just getting started.

We are so blessed with fantastic people who continue to serve this community in many different ways.

Pepper Landson

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Host: Stephanie Kissel

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Joan Siefert Rose

Joan Siefert Rose is the CEO of LaunchBio, a nonprofit organization that has created an innovation ecosystem to help biotech and life science companies through support, coworking spaces, and mentorship. She is nationally recognized as a leader in building entrepreneurial communities and holding roles such as the CEO of the Council for Entrepreneurial Development in Research. During her time with CED, Joan created an investor relation and mentorship program for early-stage companies. Additionally, she has been a columnist on entrepreneurial ecosystems for Forbes and is a frequent conference speaker.

Pepper Landson

Pepper Landson is the Co-Founder and CEO of Praetego, a company that is developing drug candidates to protect patients during surgical and critical care. She has worked within the life sciences for almost three decades and greatly enjoys the field of medical research. Her previous roles include being the CEO of Linked Urology Research Network, VP of Clinical Operations for NephroGenex, and Co-Founder and Principal of Cheval Noir. Pepper is a passionate lifelong learner and values rigorous science, process integrity, and authenticity.