026 RTP Capital’s Mark Friedman and Elaine Bolle: Understanding Angel Investing

Show Notes

Mark and Elaine join me today to share how RTP Capital invests in entrepreneurs and businesses. They explain what entrepreneurs need to understand when applying for angel investments and reveal how entrepreneurs can apply for investments and the criteria they must meet. They also share how valuable feedback is given to everyone, regardless of whether they acquire an angel investor. I also spoke with Patrick to learn what inspired him to create Seal the Seasons and how RTP Capital helped him build his business.

We want to be of value to the entrepreneurs. So even if we choose not to invest, we’ll give you very real, honest feedback and help where we can.

Elaine D. Bolle

This week on the Supportedly Podcast:

  • Why Mark and Elaine became involved with RTP Capital.
  • The process of RTP Capital uses to give feedback to entrepreneurs seeking financial investments.
  • How entrepreneurs can apply for financial investments and the process RTP Capital uses to screen candidates.
  • The type of companies RTP Capital typically invest in.
  • Patrick’s background and why he created Seal the Seasons.
  • What is in the near future for Seal the Seasons.
  • How Patrick first connected with RTP Capital.
  • The investor and mentorship relationship with RTP Capital.
  • The advice that Patrick would give to companies looking for angel investors.
  • The one piece of advice that he would give to new entrepreneurs.
  • The crucial things to consider when looking for partnerships.
  • The differences between a fund and a network.

I didn’t expect that investors would have that much time to help with things that were not investment related.

Patrick Mateer

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Elaine D. Bolle

Elaine D. Bolle is an Angel Investor, Board Director and Advisor for leading organizations ranging from start-ups to $750M+ enterprises. She serves on the board for RTP Capital, where she helps early-stage entrepreneurial ventures. She has held business management, strategic marketing and business development roles for numerous companies. She has a BA in French and Spanish and an MBA in International Business and Marketing from the University of Michigan.

Mark Friedman

Mark Friedman is the President and Director of RTP Capital, an angel network of accredited investors focused on early-stage investment and mentorship, primarily in the North Carolina region. He has held senior roles with several entrepreneurial businesses including Cutting Edge Information and Affordable Care. He has worked within numerous industries including financial services, dentistry, healthcare, real estate, and retirement planning.

Patrick Mateer

Patrick Mateer is the Founder and CEO of Seal the Seasons, a company that supports local farmers through sustainable methods of bringing healthy local food to all. He launched Seal the Seasons in 2015, and the business now serves more than 3,000 grocery locations. Patrick was recognized by Forbes Magazinein 2017 as a 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneur and currently serves the community as a board secretary for the Immigrant and Refugee Community Partnership.