014 Supportedly’s Backside with Steph and Tom

Show Notes

Since its foundation, Supportedly has engaged with entrepreneurs, sharing essential information that will help them on their journey via the site’s dynamic directory, blog, and podcast. Supportedly has successfully highlighted the support programs that are out there for entrepreneurs to help them start and develop businesses. Your valuable feedback helps us change the way that we support entrepreneurs.

On today’s episode, Tom and I take a look at the future of Supportedly. We answer questions surrounding the software and backside of the company and share how we envision the next couple of years to look. We share our goals, ideas, and projects that are underway, in addition to our personal goals. We also highlight where Supportedly will go in 2019 and how it will help more entrepreneurs find support and success over the coming years.

A focus of Supportedly in 2019 is to broaden our range and get out into the state and region to connect with other support providers that are good examples and models.

Stephanie Kissel

This week on the Supportedly Podcast:

  • The improvements and enhancements that will be made to Supportedly over the next year.
  • How new content will be presented to entrepreneurs in a way where they can easily see how it will work for them.
  • How the Supportedly software will be used by other partnerships to create portals for entrepreneurs.
  • How the feedback we have received will be used to improve Supportedly in 2019.
  • Our personal goals for 2019, including our fitness goals and possible Supportedly 10K.
  • The things that Tom would love to do and considering for 2019.
  • The focus of Supportedly in 2019.
  • Where we would like to see the Supportedly podcast go in the new year and how we would like it to be more user/listener driven.
  • Why we would like to engage with and highlight other experts and support platforms for entrepreneurs.
  • What Tom is excited about for Supportedly and how it will help more entrepreneurs be successful.

We are establishing some partnerships, such as with universities, where we can take the Supportedly software and allow others to use that engine to create their websites and portals for their entrepreneurs.

Tom Ryan

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Host: Stephanie Kissel

I utilize my background and expertise in project leadership to find creative operational solutions every day. I’m passionate about great ideas and inspired by the entrepreneurs who bring them to life (ever seen someone cry happy tears over your prototype?). I'm fortunate to work with people who share my passions and inspire me every day. Together, we're working non-stop to create cool things that empower entrepreneurs and business owners, like Supportedly.com, the place to find entrepreneurial support programs, events, and actionable content like The Supportedly Podcast. To all the providers and entrepreneurs they support, thanks for letting me tell your stories, and if you’re reading this, I hope we’ve helped make your entrepreneurial journey just a little be easier and maybe even more exciting!