031 Supporting the High Country’s Startup Ecosystem with James Bance of Startup High Country

Show Notes

James joins me today to share how Startup High Country is helping tech startups and entrepreneurs throughout the High Country region. He reveals how the Silicon Hollar social events, Impact Fund, and Velocity Labs are assisting entrepreneurs and what the application process looks like. I also spoke with Brandon to learn more about how Startup High Country has helped ChurchLEARN get started and develop their business.

The companies that pitch have the opportunity to join, get additional resources, mentorship, and guidance so that they can increase the probability of their venture succeeding.

James Bance

This week on the Supportedly Podcast:

  • James’s background and how he became a part of Startup High Country.
  • What are Silicon Hollar social events?
  • How the Impact Fund is supporting the growth of companies throughout the High Country.
  • The typical types of companies that Startup High Country work with.
  • The resources available at Velocity Labs.
  • How to apply for funding and what the screening process looks like.
  • How ChruchLEARN is equipping local churches.
  • How Brandon first connected with Startup High Country.
  • How the Impact Fund and Velocity Labs has helped ChurchLEARN.

The founders of Startup High Country are just genuinely there to help. Of course, they have some interest in it, but at the same time, they really want to hear what you are working on and give some advice.

Brandon Hall

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Host: Stephanie Kissel

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James Bance

James Bance is the Co-Founder of Startup High Country, a company that specializes in helping startup companies and entrepreneurs through mentorship and accelerator programs. James founded his first company in 2000 and has 18-years of experience in technology, investment, solution selling, online marketing platforms, and leadership development. He has an education in Biology and Finance from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

Brandon Hall

Brandon Hall is the Co-Founder and CEO of ChurchLEARN, a software company designed to help churches and other non-profit organizations to better manage, equip, and engage with their volunteers. Known for creating solutions to complex issues, Brandon has a passion for solving problems through technical innovation. He is a serial entrepreneur with a Bachelor’s degree from Appalachian State University.