016 Why Entrepreneurs Need to Adapt to IoT and Emerging Technologies with RIoT Executive Director Tom Snyder

Show Notes

Tom joins me today to share how RIoT helps entrepreneurs and business startups learn about the Internet of Things and how it can be used within their business or startup. He defines IoT and how it is affecting the way we live, entertain and do business. He also shares how RIoT’s accelerator programs, education courses, pitch nights and meetup events help entrepreneurs build connections, find mentors, and accelerate their business growth. I also spoke with Crystal to learn more about her businesses, how she discovered the RIoT Accelerator Program, and how participating in the program impacted her business.

RIoT brings people together to educate them about how emerging technologies are fundamentally changing business. The goal is to help people adapt to that.

Tom Snyder

This week on the Supportedly Podcast:

  • How RIoT went from a meetup on the Internet of Things (IoT) to an economic development resource.
  • What IoT is and how it is impacting the data economy.
  • How IoT is affecting the way we live, do business, and consume entertainment.
  • How RAP (RIoT Accelerator Program) helps entrepreneurs, early-stage startups, and corporate teams with coaching, networking, technology, and IoT education.
  • How RIoT events showcase corporate partners and business startups to help entrepreneurs get the credibility and recognition they need to attract investors and customers.
  • How RIoT is working with the City of Raleigh to offer the Impact Partner Grant and short-form classroom experiences to help businesses futureproof themselves for the IoT.
  • How the Founders Round Table helps entrepreneurs build relationships and find support and mentorships with seasoned executives and local government leaders.
  • Why Crystal started the non-profit Don’t Waste Durham.
  • How GreenToGo developed a reusable container service to tackle the use of single-use plastics.
  • How IoT technologies have helped GreentoGo be more automated and made asset tracking easier.
  • How RAP helped Crystal to expand her network with industry experts and mentors.
  • Crystal’s advice to entrepreneurs that want to apply for the RIoT Accelerator Program.

What we gained in the RIoT Accelerator Program cannot be measured. Although it was really intense and we heard lots of things that were hard to hear, we came out a lot stronger.

Crystal Dreisbach

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Tom Snyder

Tom is Executive Director of RIoT, supporting Internet of Things and distruptive technology industry growth. By day he runs RIoT Labs at HQ Raleigh. In his spare time, Tom co-instructs Product Innovation Lab, a Forbes award winning multi-disciplinary course in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at NC State.

Prior to joining RIoT, Tom held an executive leadership role at the ASSIST Center, a National Science Foundation sponsored effort to create wearable electronics for healthcare monitoring. Previously, he spent two decades in product development and technology incubation in NC.

He’s passionate about creating and fostering collaborations across disciplines, markets, and cultures. He enjoys the outdoors, woodworking, board games, big crowds, craft beer, and ideas that are just crazy enough to work.

Crystal Dreisbach

Crystal Dreisbach is the Executive Director of a non-profit organization in Durham, North Carolina called Don’t Waste Durham whose mission is to create solutions that prevent trash at its source. She invented GreenToGo, a reusable takeout container service which operates in Durham restaurants and grocery stores. GreenToGo is disrupting the status quo of our take-and-trash economy while inspiring and proliferating the circular economy everywhere. Crystal has a Masters in Public Health and is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, the mother of two small boys, and a long-distance runner.