009 Why every Entrepreneur needs to Learn to Pitch – With PitchBreakfast’s Executive Director Juan Garzon

Show Notes

Juan joins me today to share how PitchBreakfast events work and the skills that entrepreneurs and companies can gain. He reveals why every entrepreneur should be able to pitch, the types of companies and entrepreneurs will benefit most from attending the events, and the benefits of attending a PitchBreakfast event as an audience member. I also spoke with Sam to learn how she discovered the PitchBreakfast event, what inspired her to create Vishion, and what she learned about pitching in her role as a new founder.

Our hope for the companies that are pitching is for them to walk away with more confidence in their business, confidence in their pitch, and feeling like they are maybe not fully ready but one step closer to be able to pitch to an investor.

Juan Garzon

This week on the Supportedly Podcast:

  • Juan’s journey including transitioning from the first pitch workshop to the PitchBreakfast event.
  • The mission of PitchBreakfast and what types of companies or entrepreneurs will benefit from the event.
  • The value and benefit of being in the audience during a PitchBreakfast.
  • The feedback and advice that Juan frequently shares with entrepreneurs.
  • Why every entrepreneur should be able to pitch.
  • The locations and frequency of PitchBreakfast events and how to apply.
  • What’s next for PitchBreakfast.
  • Sam’s journey towards creating Vishion.
  • An explanation of what Vishion does and how the Vishion app works.
  • How Sam discovered PitchBreakfast.
  • What she gained during the safe environment of a PitchBreakfast event.
  • How to get the beta version of the Vishion app.
  • What to work on before you attend a PitchBreakfast event.

Pitch Breakfast is the perfect opportunity for you to be in a safe environment to start pitching before you go out and fundraise, or in my case, pitch to retailers and interior designers.

Sam Smith

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Juan Garzon

Juan Garzon is a Messaging Strategist and the Executive Director of PitchBreakfast, a nonprofit event where entrepreneurs and businesses can learn to pitch in a safe environment. Juan is the publisher and founder of Start Charlotte, a publication that supports startups within the region, and an advisor and mentor to several community accelerators such as Queen City Fintech. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the Johnson and Wales University and has spent more than a decade working in marketing and entrepreneurship.

Sam Smith

Sam Smith is the Founder and CEO of Vishion, a new startup that is launching an app for shopping and interior design with a color-centric search. She has a degree in Journalism and Communication from Christopher Newport University and has spent six years working in marketing, sales, and business development. Her roles include the VP of Customer Experience at Virtual StrongBox. Additionally, she is the co-founder of Collective Hustle, a founder and investor network that focus on the inclusion of women, and volunteers as a Big Sister mentor at her local Big Brothers Big Sisters organization.