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IFundWomen is a funding marketplace for women-owned businesses and the people who want to support them.

IFundWomen provides a platform for women-led businesses to access capital through online fundraising, access to small business grants, expert coaching, professional creative production, a collaborative entrepreneur community, and access to industry connections critical to launching and growing businesses.

Women are starting businesses 4.8 times faster than the national average, yet we struggle to access capital without going into debt. Only 1% of all businesses, regardless of the gender of the founder, will ever raise venture capital. So, how do 99% of businesses get their startup funding? We max out our credit cards or try to take out a bank loan.

At IFundWomen, we believe that nobody should go into debt funding the early days of a business.

Who is this program for?

Female entrepreneurs.

What problem does it solve?

There is a complete lack of funding options for women entrepreneurs.

How does it help?

We offer immediate access to capital through a premium online fundraising experience, access to small business grants from corporate partners, expert business coaching on all the topics entrepreneurs need to know about, and a network of women business owners that sparks confidence, accelerates knowledge, and ignites action.

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