Natural Products Manufacturing Facility

Candler, NC


The Natural Products Manufacturing Facility at BRFV is the nation's only GMP-compliant shared-use facility.

The Natural Products Manufacturing Facility at Blue Ridge Food Ventures is the nation's only GMP-compliant shared-use facility for companies developing dietary supplements, body care products, functional ingredients, all-natural cleaning solutions, and pet care products. Our Natural Products Manufacturing Facility is part of a group of North Carolina nonprofit natural products service organizations that have banded together as the Natural Products Alliance of North Carolina. The purpose of the collaboration is to help natural products companies grow, formulate, test, make, and brand their botanically-based products in one vertical pipeline.

Who is this for?

Natural Products entrepreneurs and businesses in Western North Carolina.

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What problem does it solve?

Starting a natural products business can be daunting for the new entrepreneur. The equipment and space needed can be pricey investments.

How does it help?

We have made the equipment investments so you don't have to! Your company can rent time in our facilities to manufacture and package your proprietary formulas, all within an FDA-inspected and registered manufacturing facility.