WIN Collaboration

Raleigh, NC


We seek to support the NC State entrepreneurial community with an angel investing platform and co-investment fund.

The NC State community offers a uniquely powerful opportunity for networking and guidance from industry experts and successful entrepreneurial leaders. WIN members work actively to connect WIN portfolio companies with the Wolfpack Investor Network to foster collaboration and further success. In addition to the team below, WIN collaborates with NC State graduate students with expertise in business, engineering, and other disciplines to create due diligence reports for WIN portfolio companies.

Who is this for?

Must have a founder, executive, or board member who is a NC State alumnus, faculty, staff, student, or parent. Must be raising seed or Series A equity capital of $250,000 to $5 million. Must be located in the United States.

Group 161
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What problem does it solve?

Finding appropriate funding for your business can be challenging.

How does it help?

The WIN actively engages and matches NC State alumni network expertise with portfolio companies to support growth and success.