Are Your Employees In The Right Seat?


Nathan Masters, CEO of SimpleShot Shooting Sports in Asheville, says when it comes to building a team, you need to make sure everyone is in the right seat. That means, make sure each employee on your team is happy in their current role, feels proud of what they're doing, and is best suited for that role.

But when it comes to building a team,
making sure everyone's in the right seat.
So I'm fortunate, I've
been able to attract
people that are really, really talented.
And one thing that's common in those folks
is they've got a real desire to, to work
hard for me and to make
me feel proud of them.
And often time in doing so, they will try
to act in capacities to where they
may not be best suited.
It's tough as a job,
as the entrepreneur, as
the leader of the team,
to look and make sure people
are in the right seats.
You can't have three drivers on a team.
So when it comes to building a team,
if you're not going to be the leader
establish a clear leader
and give them the reins.
If you are going to be the leader,
take the damn reins.
There's nothing worse
for the morale of a team
than having a leader that
falls apart or drags his feet.
All you want to do when you're a leader,
in my opinion is, you want to be present,
available and as objective as possible.
Hear people before you
even want to speak to them.
It's really important to listen to them.
I fumbled more than twice,
by not listening well enough.
And when I stepped back and really listen,
I rarely have problems.
So key to building a team is ultimately
it comes down to trust.
Putting people in the right seat,
trusting that they're in the right place,
trusting the people.
And then more importantly,
as the team evolves
maybe move that seat as needed.

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