Balancing Entrepreneurship With Your Family Life


Amanda Vickers, owner of Mountains to Sea Skincare in Asheville, gives her advice on balancing being both a mother and entrepreneur and how to create a positive and energetic work environment.

I think it's actually a great fit to be a mother and an entrepreneur if you've done your planning right, and if you've got the right people around you because you can work that flexibility into your life that makes it possible to have a job and have a family.

My name's Amanda Vickers, and I'm one of the owners of Mountains to Sea Skincare. We create natural handmade artisans skincare products that foster a self care and a connection to the environment. I think we make our customers' lives better because if you're buying something for yourself, you're just affirming that you're gonna treat yourself to something that takes care of your body, and takes care of your mind and helps relieve stress, and if you're buying something as a gift, you're giving somebody else permission to do that. I think the small business center is a fantastic under-recognized resource and an opportunity for anyone wanting to start a small business or take the next step if you've been kind of doing a business as a hobby and you wanna get a space and, give it a little bit more legitimacy. The programming that happens here on a regular basis is really helpful, it's really practical, you can find advice on like what business structure will suit you better the different ramifications in your taxes at the end of the year, how to optimize your website and your social media to increase your ranking in the search engines, for instance, with just something that is always relevant to a product based business these days. it's a positive and energetic work environment. And coming in here and being surrounded by other entrepreneurs is just, it's a really fun place to be. This is Emma June. She is a baby of 2020, I imagine she probably be an entrepreneur, yes. In some shape or form. Certainly a business ca be kind of like a child, like it needs a lot of attention. Then when you have an actual child, they can sort of be at odds with each other some of the time but both have to find a way to co exist like siblings.

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