Building a Team: It’s All About The Interview


Jessie Dean, founder and CEO of Asheville Tea, gives her best advice on building a team, which is that it's all about the interview. She says it's important to have a solid interview process where you are setting expectations extremely clear from the very beginning. Things will change with your business and team roles, but expectations stay the same. Make sure the people you bring onto your team will be able to grow with you, change over time with you, and feel as passionate about that process as you do.

I think best practices around building a team are definitely around solid interview processes, and making sure that you are setting expectations really clearly from the beginning. One of those needs to be I think, the fact that things will constantly shift and change. The expectations, some will stay the same, some will change over time. So I think the interview process is really important in developing a solid team, because you wanna make sure that the folks you bring into the team are going to be able to go there with you, grow with you, change over time with you, and feel passionate about that process.

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