Building A Team: Keep The Rockstars Happy


Meg Ragland, owner of Plum Print in Asheville, says you need to keep the rockstars on your team happy. Don't be afraid of them leaving either, she says. That's what you should want for your team members, for them to move on to that next best thing for their career.

I think when you're building
a team, just keep it fun.
When you find somebody who's
a rock star and you love them,
then obviously do your
best to keep them happy
and promote them to the next level.
But also don't be scared.
I remember hearing
someone saying you don't,
"Oh, you're good people.
"You're gonna lose them
"'cause they're gonna go
to the next best thing."
Well, that's, what you
can hope for them, right?
You want them to be amazing
and help you take your
business to the next level.
And if that means that
then they're gonna move on
then that's part of the
life cycle of employees.
So I'm always about
encouraging your employees
make them excited and happy
to come to work every day.
And as thankful for you
as you are for them.

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