Developing Your Strategy: Finding The Right Fit


Amanda Vickers, owner of Mountains to Sea Skincare in Asheville, says when developing your strategy, you can't give up. She spent countless days trying to find the right fit between their customers, location, and products themselves. It's hard to spend an entire day without anything to show for, but that's how you learn what works, Vickers says.

Yeah, I remember working
farmer's markets week after week,
turning everything down there,
like loading up your car
from the production facility,
taking it down to the market,
unloading, setting up the market,
working the whole market and
not selling a single product,
because we just didn't have the right fit.
We didn't have the right
fit between our customers,
the location, the products themselves,
I worked many, many markets where
We sold a lot less than $100 for the day
and we had to pay $20 to be
there and also make donations.
So, it's pretty painful to do that,
and to know that you've
just spent your whole day
and really don't have
anything to show for,
but that's how you learn what works.

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