Developing Your Strategy: Stay In The Zone


Nadja Simon, owner of Allon Health & Wellness in Asheville, says when developing your business strategy, you need to stay "in the zone." She says it's always so easy to get pulled in all different directions, but you need to remain focused on what you're in the business for.

There's so much going
on when you're running your own business
that it's easy to get pulled
by all of those things
while you're trying to do the main thing
that you're in business for.
So I think that it's
just important to know
that those things are
always gonna be there.
You know, they're always
gonna be popping up.
So just trying to stay in that moment
and know that those things will
get dealt with is important.
So you can stay in the zone
of what it is you're really there to do.

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