Don’t Run Away From Failure


Nathan Masters, CEO of SimpleShot Shooting Sports in Asheville, talks about being brave enough to not run from failure. You also need to know what you're running toward, he says, versus what you're running from. Run toward success and know what failure looks like.

if I could go back in
time and there was just
one thing I could tell myself,
it'd be that, "Nathan,
no one is chasing you.
You don't have to run from anything."
I wanted to succeed so badly
that I was running from failure.
And in doing so, I created
a lot of a dissonance
and noise in my life,
that wasn't necessary
at all. And only serve
to maybe cut down on
my effectiveness early in the game.
So again, if that hair
on fire is necessary,
that's- that's I think that's a necessary
component of being an entrepreneur.
We've all felt it.
We probably wouldn't
pursue it if we didn't
have that capacity, but just keep that
hair on fire, and check.
And know what you're running towards
versus what you're running from.
Run towards success and know what
failure looks like, but don't run from
some unknown failure.
That's just pointless.

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