Entrepreneur Advice For Personal Development and Wellness


Listen to these experienced entrepreneurs talk about their best practices and advice on tackling the tricky task of taking care of yourself while taking care of your small business. From making time for exercise to balancing family and work, these small business owners share their stories of struggle when it comes to separating their business from their personal lives.

When it comes to personal development and wellness, as a proud member of the Western North Carolina, YMCA, I have to say that my best ideas always come while I'm exercising. And I find that time and time again that some people say they wake up in the middle of the night with a great idea, so I always have a pen and pencil. I like so often come home from a run with my dog and have to write down a couple ideas. That's for me personally, if I don't exercise every morning before I do anything else, I'm a mean person. So that's something and I think that feeds definitely into my emotional and physical wellness every day. And we also keep that going at Plum Print. So at the top of every hour in our office we all do 10 pushups and 10 sit-ups and then a minute of some other fun move your body activity. And that's more about keeping our energy level up, but it's I think it all contributes to healthiness in here and here. So best practice for personal development and wellness. I make sure to take time for myself to do my own workouts. I am very passionate about working out myself and I need to do that every day and I need a certain amount of time. So I made sure to block that off on my calendar. I also make sure to keep up with my CEC's and use my educational credits in things that really interests me and that I'm really passionate about. And just to keep learning.I just want to keep learning as much as I can about my craft. I lived a pretty unhealthy life for years and paid the price in 2007, having a heart attack. Ever since then I've realized that it's important to eat healthy, to exercise and to give myself downtime. So to take time out for myself, whether it's going for a walk, relaxing, spending time with my girlfriend, that’s… that's my best practice. The biggest challenge we've had as entrepreneurs and working together as a couple is that life balance where you try not to let it be all encompassing and we're still working on that even after seven years. Figuring out that balance is definitely hard. And I'll say, you need to take me on a date, we should go out and then we'll be on a date. It was like, don't eat your burger till I Instagram it. It's like, oh man, we're still working. So we struggle. I mean, I feel like getting outside in nature especially in this part of the world is key.

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