Entrepreneur Advice For Running A Small Business


Listen to these entrepreneurs talk about their best advice when it comes to running a small business. They discuss the importance of building a team that can function without you, delegating tasks, taking a step back from your business occasionally, sticking to your mission, and more.

I would, best practices for me personally, in running my business is I created the business to function without me. I have built a team and I have management in place that don't need me to be there for operations. That's my advice for running a business is to create a business that doesn't need you. Say a valuable best practice on running the business is to occasionally take a step back and try to not work too much in your business and work more on your business. Valuable best practice for running your business is make more money than you spend. In general, best practice around running the business I think is remembering that, you have to take care of yourself as well. That's a really big kind of thing to do. It's actually harder than it sounds I think. But knowing that it's equally as important for you to take a moment to drink a cup of tea, or go for a run, or whatever the case may be, that that's not selfish, but actually necessary so that you're strong enough and sort of mentally there to be able to provide good leadership and run the business well, is essential. I think the best practice for running your business is to delegate, delegate, and then delegate some more. The whole thing is to build a culture of delegation. So you delegate to your reports, they delegate to theirs, and so on and so on. And that's the only sustainable way to achieve growth, in my opinion. you're, in the beginning, gonna give a job to someone else, and they may do a worse or a slower job edit than you would, but that's your key as a manager to build them up, so they eventually can do it as well, and as fast as you. And if you're not willing to go through that painful part in the beginning, then I don't think you can grow as a company. So that's a key factor in being an entrepreneur, the Most valuable best practice for running your business. I would say to stick to your mission always and it kind of sounds corny but like really having a good mission statement important and like how you can have that kind of like this extra thing you can fall back on. And if you're having a hard time you can go and just read that and think about why that became your mission statement and that will help you make decisions quicker.

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