Entrepreneur Advice On Building A Team


Hear advice from experienced entrepreneurs on building a team. They discuss everything from keeping it fun and promoting the rockstars on your team to adding that human element and sharing your passion for your small business with your organization.

I think when you're building
a team, just keep it fun.
When you find somebody who's
a rock star and you love them,
then obviously do your
best to keep them happy
and promote them to the next level.
But also don't be scared.
I remember hearing
someone saying you don't,
"Oh, you're good people.
"You're gonna lose them
"'cause they're gonna go
to the next best thing."
Well, that's, what you
can hope for them, right?
You want them to be amazing
and help you take your
business to the next level.
And if that means that
then they're gonna move on
then that's part of the
life cycle of employees.
So I'm always about
encouraging your employees
make them excited and happy
to come to work every day.
And as thankful for you
as you are for them.
The human element is the
most challenging part
of any company.
Getting and keeping
talent is very difficult.
And so what I did early
on when I found a person
who had the same drive as I did
and wanted to really excel
at this at what we're doing
and really excited about
the products that we offer,
I found that person and I invested in them
more than anyone else would have.
They made more than me for a long time
and continue to make more than me
and I'm okay with it because
they grow your business.
Someone like that is critical.
Build your team with people
who you connect with,
can trust and who brings
something that you don't.
As a small business owner,
I have to realize that it's
not the individual employee
that's important.
It's the team that's important.
It's building that team, growing that team
and making sure that that team
can work together as one unit.
And if there's one person in
that team that causes problems
regardless of where those problems are…
it's harder to let somebody go
just because they're not working out.
And that sort of eats
you up from the inside
when you have to do that but
it's for the greater good.
And that's a hard lesson.
- I think one of the most important things
when you're building a team
is that those team members
have the same passion as you.
And they get really excited as we do
about the local business scene.
and you can tell when
you're talking to them
that they share that passion.

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