Entrepreneur Advice On Getting And Keeping Customers


Hear from experienced entrepreneurs on how to get and keep customers for your small business. They cover everything from being as transparent and honest as possible with them to not being afraid to pick up the phone and give them a call.

A valuable best practice for
getting and keeping customers
is to be as transparent
and honest as possible.
Most valuable thing I've
learned around getting
and keeping customers is that
you need to listen to them.
We can pitch products all day,
we can put products out there
in our newsletters all day,
but if they're not
resonating with our customer,
if they're not filling a void
or solving a problem for them,
then they're not going to sell.
So I think staying
connected with our customers
and listening to their feedback.
Our best practice for
getting and keeping customers
has been consultative selling,
that the customer can end up viewing us
as the product expert,
and wanting to hear what we
have to say about the market,
our industry, our products,
why they should buy them,
We don't try to do that arrogantly
or tell them what they should do,
but just in a humble approach,
give our opinions, if asked,
And just give them advice in
a storytelling kind of way,
that will give them confidence
in who we are and what
we're imparting to them.
don't be afraid to pick up the phone.
So like, if you have clients
that you're servicing
if you're a service-based business
don't be afraid just to like call them up
and have a conversation with
them and just like communicate
with them and get on the
same page as soon as you can.
we are all about drip campaigns.
So setting up a regular flow of emails
to our customers on a regular basis.
And obviously when you've
been in business for eight
and almost nine years like we have
we really know the cycle of the year.
So we know when our customers
are more apt to be purchasing.
We have a really great numbers
on our return customer rate
and customers are always asking like,
"I'm a return customer, what's the deal?"
So, before they can ask give
them that next better deal.
It's obviously always
they say this it's easier
to keep a good customer than
bring in a new customer.
So, keep those customers happy.
And we've really, really
pushed our customer service
and really focused quite a
bit on customer satisfaction
which is just so important.

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