Getting and Keeping Customers: Email Marketing


Meg Ragland, co-founder and president of Plum Print in Asheville, is all about drip email campaigns when it comes to keeping customers. Drip campaigns are automated sets of emails that go out based on specific timelines or user actions.

We are all about drip campaigns. So setting up a regular flow of emails to our customers on a regular basis. And obviously, when you've been in business for eight and almost nine years like we have we really know the cycle of the year. So we know when our customers are more apt to be purchasing. We have really great numbers on our return customer rate and customers are always asking like, "I'm a return customer, what's the deal?" So, before they can ask give them that next better deal. It's obviously always they say this it's easier to keep a good customer than bring in a new customer. So, keep those customers happy. And we've really, really pushed our customer service and really focused quite a bit on customer satisfaction which is just so important.

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