Getting and Keeping Customers: Make Personal Connections


Steven Schain, former president of Spectra3D Technologies in Asheville, says his best practice for getting and keeping customers is to reach out to them directly. That doesn't just mean online, he explains. Go out to conferences in your industry. Network and make connections in person. It's not enough to send a flyer to customers occasionally.

Our best practice for getting customers is
to reach out to them directly
in an area where they are.
So for customers that are
doing investment casting
for example, we go to
investment casting conferences,
we talk to people who are in
the investment casting industry
and get connections.
It's a very tight industry
and it's a very people
based connections industry.
So just going out and sending
a flyer to them doesn't work.
So our best practice
for that industry is to
have a personal touch, you know
make sure we are in contact
with the person we need
to be in contact with.
And if we can get into contact
with even somebody who's on
the floor doing the work,
that's even better because
then we can work with them,
teach them how to do it is
what it is we want them to do
with 3D printing and
additive manufacturing.
And they can bring that
up to the next level.

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