Personal Development and Wellness: Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle


Steve Schain, former president of Spectra3D Technologies in Asheville, gives his advice on personal development and wellness as a business owner, which is to keep up your healthy lifestyle no matter what. After realizing his unhealthy lifestyle was a major component of his heart attack in 2007, Schain decided from then on out that he would eat healthily, exercise more, and give himself more downtime. Because being healthy doesn't just mean eating right and working out — it also means getting outside of your business and sometimes even doing absolutely nothing.

So one of my best practices is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I lived a pretty unhealthy life for years and paid the price in 2007, having a heart attack. Ever since then I've realized that it's important to eat healthy, to exercise and to give myself downtime. So to take time out for myself, whether it's going for a walk, relaxing, spending time with my girlfriend, whatever it is hanging out with my kids, or just doing nothing, literally sitting there and doing absolutely nothing in a chair, that's my best practice. And do I do it all the time? No, I don't always do it. and I get stressed, but I've noticed when I do realize that that stress is coming on, I can go back to those techniques that I learned to relax and de-stress.

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