Personal Development: Growing As A Leader


Jessie Dean, founder and CEO of Asheville Tea Company, talks about her personal journey when it comes to becoming a leader. She says she's always been a positive person, but owning a business has shown her that things can get tough and challenging. Being able to talk about the negative and work your way through it has made her grow as a person and business owner.

I think some of the most
valuable lessons I've learned
so far are around leadership.
I've realized some things about myself
that I think have been
instrumental in my own growth.
And I think that's gonna
hopefully always continue.
I think I tend to be someone
who's super positive.
Like everything's great
and it's gonna be awesome.
And in realizing that
there are actually a lot
of challenges, both for me personally,
and for our team as we
grow and things like that.
And being able to just comfortably
talk about those things,
has been a growth area for me
that sounds like a small thing
but has really been huge.
Like okay, this is not working
and what do we need to do?

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