Rewards Of Entrepreneurship Outweigh The Risks


Loran Evans, owner of Rightline Gear in Asheville, says he thinks risk is the No. 1 reason most people back out of becoming an entrepreneur. But he believes the rewards outweigh those risks. There's always going to be risk when you become a small business owner, you just need to be prepared and ready to manage it.

Goodness, when you're talking
about being an entrepreneur,
the risk is the first thing
that just smacks you upside the head.
It's probably the number one reason why
most people that look at
becoming an entrepreneur
end up pulling back from it,
because, oh my gosh, is it risky.
You have to put your house
on the line, your savings.
Why am I doing this again?
If I just work for a company,
none of this happens,
but the rewards, I
think, outweigh the risk.
And then I think,
during your time in business,
you just have to manage
the individual risks
that come along.
Are there some things that
just aren't worth pursuing,
because that's crazy?
Or is this a healthy risk
that I think I can take,
because I think we will come out
on the positive end to that?
It's all judgment and subjective,
but there's always gonna
be this massive risk
in being an entrepreneur.

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