Running Your Business: Education Is Key


Boomer Sassman, owner and CEO of Big Boom Design, says when it comes to running your business, you need to make sure you're educating your clients. For his website design business, choosing the best website builder to use was of the utmost importance. So, he decided to build the same website across six different builders to make sure he was choosing the right one for his clients.

So a memorable moment, I'm
not sure if it was a mistake
or just a memorable moment
that I had to make a decision
was trying to pick the
platform to build websites on
as weird as that might sound.
Years ago WordPress
wasn't the front runner,
and there was a dozen platforms out there
that I could choose from,
and trying to make sure that I was digging
into the right learning
curve in the right way
was a really important one,
and so I decided to build the same website
on six different platforms.
And education was always
a big concern of mine
being able to educate the clients,
and so in the end I needed a hybrid of
can it do what it needs to do?
And can I teach people
about how to manage it?

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