Running Your Business: Finding A Space


Nadja Simon, owner of Allon Health & Wellness in Asheville, says when she was just starting her outdoor fitness business, she didn't think about finding indoor space for her customers to work out. She says if she could do it again, she would've tried to reach out sooner to find a space.

When I was starting my business I had to train people outside because of COVID and it got really hot in the summertime and I didn't really think about it but it's challenging for people to work out in the heat. So I had to learn that you can't- I had to find a space. It forced me to find a space to rent or to train out of because I realized I could actually be putting people in danger by having them outside in this heat. So if I could do it again I might've tried to reach out sooner to find a better space but COVID was such a weird year for us. So COVID kind of forced me to do things differently than I might have had a different perspective on but that definitely was one of the things if I could redo I would have found a space sooner.

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