Running Your Business: Know Your Product


Nathan Masters, CEO of SimpleShot Shooting Sports in Asheville, says his best advice for running a small business is knowing your product. You can't be everything all at once, he explains, which is why it's best to be very specific about what you are. He also says it's vital to listen to your employees and customers. They both want to be heard, so make sure you're always listening.

So when it comes down
to running your business
know your books, simple as that,
know your product, know
what your business is.
Be very specific about what you are.
You can't be everything all at once.
Figure out what you are, what you do best,
and point that direction.
It may evolve, but always be looking at
what you do best, where you get the best
return on your efforts.
Super valuable.
Another one, listen to your employees.
More importantly, listen
to your customers.
Ask your customers.
They want to be asked.
The biggest thing you can do
for customer engagement
is just as ask them.
They want to be heard and
when they speak, listen.
And how do they know that you've listened?
You ask again, and that
they know you're talking,
keep the conversation alive.
So really same thing happens there.
Know your books, talk to your customers,
talk to your employees, talk to your team.
Keep communication open, act in integrity
and just work hard. No
substitute for that.
You just sometimes have to grind it out.

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