Running Your Business: Stick To Your Policies


Mary Beth Benton, owner of Auntie M's Pet Care in Asheville, says when it comes to running your business, you need to stick to your policies and procedures. Think to yourself, "Where do I want to be in two years?" If you want to be spending more time outside of your business, use that as motivation to stick to whatever policies you may have in place now.

Yeah. So I think my advice
for someone that was having
a difficult time sticking
to their policies and procedures
would be to think
about yourself and like two years from now
like where do you want to be?
Like, how do you want to
be spending your time?
Has if you want to have more time to focus
on growing your business
or just enjoy your life
and to have the energy, to
enjoy life outside of work
use that as a motivation
to stick to your policies.
- [Interviewer] Great
answer. That's awesome
- [Mary Beth Benton] Thanks.
[Laughs] We're still growing.

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