Choose The Right Employees For Your Small Business

Gary Daemer discusses the ease with which he is able to grow his high-tech business in Wilkes County, North Carolina, and the benefits to his quality of life he enjoys along the way.

If you want to do a high-tech company and want to live in a beautiful place, Wilkes County is a very easy place to start up a business. Talk to a local telecommunications company and they'll have a fiber-optic cable out to you at no time flat.

A main motivation for starting InfusionPoints was helping customers start out to be small businesses. We focused on small-to-midsize organizations who could not afford the traditional enterprise security solutions. One of the best things about starting the business here in Wilkes County is my commute to work. It's five minutes from my house to my office! Most of my employees live within 15 minutes. The caliber of people we get here also is very good. Wilkes County traditionally has been a very entrepreneurial county with the starting of several large Fortune 50 companies. Taking that same spirit and energy that you find not only in the people who start as the entrepreneur, but that entrepreneurial spirit in the community itself.

The community support that we get is very strong, not only just for our company but the employees that we bring on board. Most of the folks that work in our network security operation center have a two-year degree from Wilkes Community College in either network security or computer programming, but we also have worked directly with them to establish training classes so we can send our folks through to get certified.

Hello, my name is Gary Daemer, president and founder of InfusionPoints — a cybersecurity company based here in Western North Carolina where we help our customers really focus on building and testing and defending their computer environments.

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