Stick To Your Mission Statement


Mary Beth Benton, owner of Auntie M's Pet Care in Asheville, talks about solving your customers' biggest problems, how the A-B Tech Small Business Center stuck by her side as she grew her business, and the importance of sticking to your mission statement.

I think the thing I love most about being entrepreneur would be that I got to choose what I do for a living. It's pretty cool that I was able to choose to work with say animals and work with other animal lovers and pet owners and work outside a lot. And just that I got to choose like what I get to do every day.

I'm Mary Beth Benton. And I'm the owner of Auntie M Pet Care Antie M Pet Care is a professional pet sitting and dog walking company. And we're a team of professional pet sitters. And we service the greater Asheville area and all of our services are based out of our client's homes. So we do pet sitting visits overnight stays dog walks and dog hikes. Yeah. So the most important problem we solve for our customers is that they just don't have to have any stress while they're out of town on a trip, or while they're at work they don't have to worry about their pets while they're away. They know that they're like in, in the best hands possible and that we provide the most dependable pet care possible so that they don't have to worry. Everyone on the team has like a background, a very diverse background in animal care. So they don't have to worry at all while they're there while we're there. So this one small business center played the role that they played was just sort of being my like team of trusted advisors is how I like to call it. They've really helped me make a lot of decisions along the way. There are so many like small decisions that go into it and to like planning a business starting one and growing one. And it's been really helpful to have them on my side through all that. And they also connected me with a lot of other professionals that I can work with to help grow my business. Most valuable best practice for running your business. I would say to stick to your mission always and it kind of sounds corny but like really having a good mission statement important and like how you can have that kind of as like this extra thing you can fall back on. And if you're having a hard time you can go and just read that and think about like why that became your mission statement and that will help you make decisions quicker.

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