Tips For Finding Your Business Support System


Jack Carrier, founder and CEO of eTag Art, explains what he loves most about being an entrepreneur and how he found a support system through Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College's Small Business Incubator.

I would say I love most about being an entrepreneur is being able tomake the decisions and for myself and accept the outcome. It's enabled me to create a lifestyle that that really works for me.

My name is Jack Carrier and my business is We make the world's finest ID tags for pets, artfully done. We accept art from people around the world or we do one-offs for anybody that wants one. We've since become experts in wholesale and bulk production of unique ID tags for wholesale clients. I think the small business incubator helped me most by providing the professional support. A lot of those relationships turned into friendships that I have to this day. The incubator provided me with space, low cost space. I actually won a $25,000 grant while I was here I would say to somebody thinking about joining the small businesses incubator is that it worked for me It was 10 years ago and now I have a successful business. I would say come and check it out. I would recommend you to do it, it’s a great opportunity. You get office space, you get support, you get accountability. Why do you want to start this business? Do you, is it personal freedom you want? Is it a cause that you're trying to support I think it's helpful to define where you're trying to go. If you don't have a destination, really you you're going to kind of wiggle around but I think it's good to define your destination. And be a consumer of entrepreneurial media. There's so much of it out there. You know, people like Tim Ferriss and Kevin Rose and all the others. There's just so much information. Again, just go all in.

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