Wellness: Block Workout Time On Your Calendar


Nadja Simon, owner of Allon Health and Wellness in Asheville, says her best practical advice for personal wellness is to take time to work out. She's very passionate about fitness, so she makes sure to block time on her calendar every day. She also says it's important to focus on continuing education in your career.

So best practice for personal
development and wellness.
I make sure to take time for
myself to do my own workouts.
I am very passionate
about working out myself
and I need to do that every day
and I need a certain amount of time.
So I made sure to block
that off on my calendar.
I also make sure to keep up
with my CEC's and use
my educational credits
in things that really interests me
and that I'm really passionate about.
And just to keep learning.
I just want to keep learning as much
as I can about my craft.

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