You Can Start A Business With No Money


Steven Schain, former president of Spectra3D Technologies in Asheville, talks about how he started his business with no money, how getting feedback from his peers propelled his company, and the importance of keeping a healthy lifestyle as a busy business owner.

I moved to Asheville in 2007 in June of 2007 and in August of 2007, I had a heart attack. So I basically started back from zero with no job, no money and really trying to figure out what direction I wanted to go in with my business.

- My name is Steven Schain. My business is Spectralight Images, LLC. Right now we do business as Spectra3D Technologies. We're a 3D printing company based out of Weaverville, North Carolina and we service industries ranging from industrial casting to cosplay, to collectibles, watch stands, all kinds of stuff Our business looks to solve the problem of creating investments for casting in a short amount of time on budget It's still one of the best dry rubs, my friends love it. But now it's just made for friends on the holidays. I got into the A-B Tech Entrepreneurial Program and through that program, I got into the student business incubator and that helped me get some direction to the company. I wasn't really sure where I was going, what I was gonna do. who are basically doing the same thing I was and they gave me great feedback. People like Boomer and Lauren and Jill, all provided feedback to the business as I needed it. These are the things that would pop up and I had no idea what I really needed to do with it. So I'd asked around, get some great feedback, really helped me grow the business and move in the direction of training development for my personal clients and then the company's clients thereafter. I lived a pretty unhealthy life for years and paid the price in 2007, having a heart attack. Ever since then I've realized that it's important to eat healthy, to exercise and to give myself downtime. So to take time out for myself, whether it's going for a walk, relaxing, spending time with my girlfriend, whatever it is hanging out with my kids, or just doing nothing, literally sitting there and doing absolutely nothing in a chair, that's my best practice. But the number one thing is a healthy lifestyle above all.

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