Calling All Support Program Providers: Connect With Entrepreneurs in North Carolina


As you know, Supportedly asks our providers to use familiar “elevator speech” marketing language to create a story-based profile, making them more appealing to entrepreneurs in North Carolina who are using our platform. The reason for this is simple: speaking a common language makes it easier for both entrepreneurs and providers to engage in a mutually beneficial partnership. Of course, the easier we make it, the more entrepreneurs you’ll attract, and the more impact your programs will have.

Our process, sometimes referred to as “the Supportedly way,” looks like this:

  1. Focus on the specific types of business ventures that would be best suited for your program. Think about your ideal business owner and describe him/her.
  2. What are some typical problems that your programs address?
  3. What solutions and support services do you provide to businesses? Mention a little bit about how these services are delivered (coaching/mentoring sessions, workbooks, classes, peer counseling groups, etc.), as well as the typical length of a program.
  4. How is the program different and better from others out there? Name three top differences.
  5. What outcomes and takeaways can business owners expect?

Success is a common goal here. Smoothing the way for that success is why was created in the first place. No longer do entrepreneurs have to face the overwhelm of online searching. No longer do entrepreneurs have to feel frustrated because they don’t know where to find support or find the funding to pay for it. No longer do entrepreneurs have to give up at crucial stages of business development because they lack knowledge or tools. is providing a solution to those problems for entrepreneurs in North Carolina. As a provider, you are the primary part of that solution. Therefore, making your programs appealing and easy-to-understand invites support-seeking entrepreneurs to connect with you. With just a few clicks, a business owner can turn a potential crisis into a catalyst to get the needed support and put that business on track for success.

Your Turn!

If you’re already registered on, read over your provider profile to make sure it is clear, easy-to-understand, and appealing to entrepreneurs.

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