Marketing Hack: Consider, Organize, and Manage Marketing


You’ve got big goals for your business, and you know you need marketing to get there. But if you’re a newbie, modern marketing can feel intimidating because it’s so challenging and dynamic. The landscape is constantly changing, so lots of testing with quick turnaround plays are needed to stay competitive and this marketing hack is here to help.

It’s all too easy to get stuck in marketing models and theory when you’re not sure what to do, when, and why. Analyzing different methods is confusing and slows you down. You end up either completely stalled or just winging it. Either way, your business suffers and isn’t reaching it’s potential.

Use this marketing hack and you won’t have to be a marketing whiz to understand the basics. Despite all the hype, there is a simple, more actionable way to think about, organize, and manage your marketing activities. All modern marketing efforts can be boiled down into three basic actions: Attempt, Connect, and Convert (or ACC for short). 

Here’s what they mean: 

Attempt: This is probably what you think of when you hear “marketing” because most people associate marketing with advertising. Attempts are any cold advertising where you’re trying to get your product/services out there. 

Think: direct mail pieces, cold emails, radio ads, google ads, etc. 

Attempts can be hit or miss. The success window is pretty narrow because it relies on you reaching the right customers at the right time with the right message (i.e., you have a problem, you’re already looking for a solution, and we have it). It can be a bit like throwing spaghetti at the wall, hoping something sticks (and some definitely will, just not a lot!). 

It also can feel unnatural jumping straight into an ask without any warm-up, ie. “Hi, My name is Tom. I’m a great guy. Want to get married?” 

The modern marketing landscape has changed and for the better. Companies are realizing that people want to be treated like people instead of just walking dollar signs to be advertised to. We are hardwired to be relational beings, so why should marketing be any different?

Connect: Here, instead of just hustling for a sale right out of the gate, you’re delivering something of value to a potential customer first. This value-for-value exchange (valuable content for an email address and tacit approval to begin a conversation) is the critical small step needed to make the buying experience more natural for customers.

Think: a landing page with downloadable content, initial consultations, free trial signups, social media groups, etc.

You’re providing something useful while also positioning yourself as a guide who can help them solve their problem when they’re ready. 

This is is more along the lines of, “Hi, my name is Tom. I’m a great guy, want to grab a coffee and get to know each other?” 

Convert: Finally, these activities solidify an explicit relationship between you and the prospect. You’ve made the person curious enough to learn more, provided something of value, and perhaps now you’re following up by an email sequence designed to continue to deliver value and align interests.

Think: email drip campaigns, webinar or workshop attendance, free evaluation, etc. 

Moving through these three action steps of this marketing hack is more effective because it’s more natural reassuring to your future customer (hopefully!).

This is the step in the marketing hack where you finally pop the question. You’re saying, in effect, “We’ve been going out for awhile, you know me. I’ve earned your trust. Will you marry me?” (Most unromantic proposal ever!)

Which scenario is the most likely to get a “yes.”? You guessed it. 

Putting it all together

While a traditional call to action might say, “Go to our website,” that’s too generic and not meeting the person where they are on their journey to solving their problem. This results in a low conversion rate because it asks too much on the customer’s part to figure out their next steps. 

Clarity is always King. 

The stronger play sends a potential customer to a landing page that piques their interest and delivers something of value to them that improves (but doesn’t solve—that’s what they need you for!) their situation in some way. Often this is a download, like “How to DO THIS, to improve THAT in X easy steps.” 

In exchange for your helpful download, the user gives you their email address, and then you can begin an email sequence to develop a relationship that ultimately lands the sale.

In this scenario, everybody wins. The new customer wins because they feel respected, and you have solved their problem. You win because you’ve landed a sale without feeling like a slimy taker who only takes. The bonus is you’re building a reputation for running a business that, at its heart, is about helping people. Who doesn’t want that?!

And that’s it. Now you know the basics of modern marketing. By remembering that people want to be guided towards solving their problem in a clear way, you’re 91% (totally real number) better off than most businesses out there just executing “spray and pray” marketing. 

Local to NC and want help creating your own marketing plan? Why not tap into your local Small Business Center? There you will find tons of resources and knowledge just like this marketing hack. They also have experienced entrepreneur mentors who can help you grow your business.

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