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NC Regional Round-Up: 9 Resources for Entrepreneurs in Charlotte

entrepreneurs in Charlotte

We knew when we created that there were a lot of amazing resources all over North Carolina, but even we’ve been blown away by how many programs are available to support you on your entrepreneurial journey. Over the last couple of months we’ve been highlighting just a few from each region. In this post…

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The Benefits of Embracing Online Reviews of Your Business

online reviews of your business

Here’s an unpopular opinion for you: It’s time to embrace online reviews of your business or product. We get it. Allowing public reviews of your business can be scary. Very few entrepreneurs are boasting a 100% customer satisfaction rate. Who knows what your dissatisfied customers might say? Here’s the thing, though – reviews of your…

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If Someone Were Hiring a Great Entrepreneur, Would You Qualify?


Great entrepreneurs are made, not born. Sure, a few are blessed with ridiculous talent and/or luck, but for the rest of us, talent just isn’t enough. So in case you’re wondering, like we were, about the traits and qualities most successful entrepreneurs share, here’s our list of entrepreneur “must-haves,” “should-haves”, and some “big pluses”… The…

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